The history of a diverse brand – from jewelry to lingerie. The “Anné Popova” Brand will soon be 10 years old. Enough time to gain increased notoriety in the market and quite a bit of time to fulfill the dream of life. The jewelry and clothing, although different, managed to combine in a perfectly harmonious tandem.

How did this success story begin and how does the brand always manage to remain exclusive?

“Where am I from? I’m from my childhood. I am from my childhood as from a country “- says Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince. An indisputable truth, as every success has a beginning in childhood.

About self-discipline and self-confidence

Without design and sketches, Ana creates directly on the tailored model. It connects inspiration during the process and creates absolutely everything from the imagination, from the materials to the amount of elements used.

The prototypes that Ana creates are only in the simple, black version, then the colleagues intervene who, based on the finished product, create a landmark scheme.

When a technical drawing is ready, the designer determines the color combination. Ana works in a team, always repeating: “It’s not me, it’s us!”

The history of jewelry and the creation of a new concept

Today, the jewelry brand Anné Popova has over 90 distributors with purchases for resale, including jewelry stores, accessory boutiques and gift shops.

France, Japan, Italy, Great Britain … it would be simpler to list where Ana has not yet managed to leave her mark. From experience, Ana highlights 3 accessories that bear the names of the people with whom a special history and love was created.

One of them is the “Georgiana” necklace that Ana thought of after her father’s death. He caressed Georgiana as a child, because until he found out that he would have a little girl, Ana’s father dreamed of a little boy, having prepared a name, Gheorghe.

Namely from this necklace, Ana’s brand took a new development turn, namely the creation of the Anné Popova Homewear clothing line. Again, Ana was convinced and motivated by her sister Olga.

The passion for comfortable and stylish clothes has always persisted, the most common thing bought from travel being the clothes that Ana wears while relaxing at home.

The first collection appeared in August 2017, on which, however, intensive work was done for 3 years.

Olga attended the fashion branding course, and Ana the fashion design course

For more knowledge in the field, the girls went to study in Florence at Polimoda, an Italian leader recognized as a trainer of professionals in the field of fashion and design.

They spent their time reading books in the library and studying history, although it was very difficult for them to find information about what kind of day clothes they wore in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Of course, Ana could have been inspired by the avalanche of models on the Internet, but she wanted to create a new style, a new concept.


The “Anna” necklace, named in her honor, is a creation in which any dreamer will be found.

Ana first made the necklace in 2007. The “Sata” necklace was created exclusively for Ana’s favorite client from Senegal. She asked for a piece of jewelry to represent her and create a strong association with her personality.

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